Can You Get a Bail Bond for Child Support?


Failure to pay child support can get you in jail. The court will issue an arrest warrant if you are delinquent. Typically, the court will have served you with numerous unpaid fine notices and a court hearing summon before issues a warrant of arrest. You also risk losing your driver’s license if arrested and even having a lien placed on your home. It begs the question, can you get a bail bond for child support? Luckily, you can be bailed out of jail, and Bail Bonds of Indiana is the perfect bail bonds agency when you need it the most.

Child Support Bail Bond

A bail bond in Indianapolis helps you stay out of bail when arrested for delinquent child support, especially if you can’t raise the full bail. The bondsman will post bail of the amount you owe. You will, however, be required to pay small fees typically 10 percent of the entire bail bond. A bond dealer may require another person to guarantee your bail. The guarantor takes responsibility if you miss the court dates.

If you fail to appear before the court, the bond or cash is forfeited. The money is sent to the state disbursement unit for further disbursement to the child support recipient.



Usually, the court will set a bail bond equivalent to an outstanding child support balance. The courts will forfeit the bond and use the funds to offset the outstanding balance if you fail to adhere to the bond terms. You can pay cash-only bail bonds with cash in hand, bank deposit, or credit cards. If the defendant is jailed for whatever reasons, the forfeited bond is used to recoup child support.

Child support debt is one of the easiest. It can be deducted directly from paycheck through wage withholding and intercepting tax refunds. However, child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

While the court is interested in ensuring you pay child support on time, the delinquency will be pursued as a felony or criminal matter. To avoid an unpleasant arrest, you should strive to clear your bond fast, work with the courts, and pay child support on time.

Bond Money Can be used to Pay Child Support

Court Garnish Bond Money

Custodial parents might have a hard time paying for child support, especially if no enforcement measure seems to work. The custodial can, however, pursue bond money posted on a criminal case by requesting the court garnish bond money. The bond money is used to settle the balance for child support.

You must move with speed to garnish bond money immediately after the other parent has posted bonds. Otherwise, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to garnish bond money.

Walk Through Bond

A walk-through bond comes in handy if you want to avoid the risk of arrest. This bail is paid at the time of arrests. You will be released right away and hence get a chance to schedule a court date.

It is the responsibility of both parents to provide proper food, housing, and medical need of a child. If you are separated from your spouse, child support is used to cater to child care. You can face charges for failing to pay for child support. The court will issue an arrest warrant if you deliberately fail to pay child support. If the child support is overdue for more than two years or more than $10000, you can be charged with a felony. However, you can post a bond to allow you to stay out of jail. An Indianapolis bail bonds agent can help raise the required amount if you cannot afford the bail.