Can You Leave State if Out on Bond?


A bond allows you to stay out of jail, awaiting the determination of your case by the court. During this period, you may need to leave your state to attend important business such as death or illness of a family member and other emergencies. Also, you could be working or having prepaid plans in another state. If you must attend these activities, you must seek permission.

Travel Restriction While On Bail

Restriction on travel is one of the conditions set in the bail bond agreement.  The defendant is considered a flight risk if they travel outside their state. Therefore it is imperative to get familiar with the terms of the agreement before leaving your state. If you arrested in another state, you will be rearrested and returned to your home state. If you violate the bail terms and go to another country, you will be arrested upon return.

Travel limitation is not a punishment but rather a guarantee that the defendants will appear in court. Some people leave the stay never to come back.

Seek Permission

The defendant must get permission to leave the current state of residence. Otherwise, you risk facing severe consequences. Gong out of the state poses a risk of the defendant missing their trial.

Depending on the case, the judge will set certain rules, including :

  • No traveling rule which requires surrendering passport in court
  • Another rule is regular repotting to help the bail bond office keep up with the defendant’s travels

If courts have not instructed the defendant to remain in their state, the defendant should still get permission from the bail bond company that cosigned the bond. It is important to ensure everyone involved in the bond is well aware, considering that they all have a liability in the bond.

The court may states implicitly that the defendant should not leave the state. In this case, the defendant must get permission from the court presiding the criminal charges. In dire circumstances, the court can give exceptions in writing to the original bond. This means there is a good chance that the accused can leave the state. However, there is little chance the court will give this leeway in high-risk cases. If you contact your bondsman, there is a high chance you could leave the state and still stay out of jail.

Authorities That Determine If You Can Leave Your State

The power to grant you traveling freedom rests in the hands of two authorities; the court and Fort Wayne bail bondsman. The court and the bondsman will give written permission allowing you to visit another state.  Without this permission, you will be considered a flight risk. This means a rearrests warrant will be issued.

There are dire consequences of leaving the state before the court date without permission. The judge can revoke the bond and issue an arrest warrant.

Leaving your State is Prohibited While on Bond

Leaving your state of residence while out on bond is, therefore, a big no. If you have a good reason to travel to another state, ensure you contact your bail bond agent.  The general presumption should be that you cannot leave the state and just take off. You need to negotiate with your bonds company.