How Bail Bonding Agencies Work

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The absolute quickest and easiest way to get out of jail if you’ve been arrested is by posting bail. Unfortunately, often the amounts set by judges and jails can sometimes at times be prohibitively high. There are some instances, even for relatively minor offenses, bail can cost several thousand dollars. Not often do most families don’t have thousands of dollars lying around. That’s where Bail Bonds Indiana can help secure your release when you don’t have the resources to pay yourself. We are your Bloomington bail bond agency when you need one the most!

What Is Bail?

Bail serves as a guarantee that you will actually appear when you have a court date scheduled court. When you pay your bail, the court holds onto that money and returns it at the conclusion of your case, regardless of the outcome. In some circumstances, the judge may set additional conditions on your release, like surrendering your passport (travel prohibited while on bond) or completing a substance abuse treatment program.

Who Determines Bail Bonds in Indiana

Some Indiana county jails have pre-set bail schedules for certain offenses. With bails often as low as $500, you can potentially get out without spending a single night in jail. Otherwise, you’ll likely have to wait for a hearing, in which a judge will set the bail amount for you.

Protection Against Unreasonable Bail

The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution protects defendants from unreasonable bail amounts, however, judges do enjoy considerable discretion when making these determinations. Your bail amount will be based on a wide variety of factors, including:

  • The nature of the charges against you
  • Your criminal record
  • Your ties to the community

How Can an Indiana Bail Bond Agency Help?

Say for instance, you are in the Madison County Jail and you need to get out, and if the bail amount is higher than you can afford, an Anderson bond agency can help secure your release. In exchange for a small fee, they’ll advocate for your interests with the court and agree to be responsible if you miss a court date. An affordable Indiana bail bond agency know how to work with a variety of law enforcement agencies, so they can usually get you out as quickly as possible. If you are in need of an Indiana bail bond give us a call at 317-279-6854.