Negative Effects of Pretrial Detention


When an accused person is detained before their trial, it’s referred to as pretrial detention. This happens a lot in the United States, which has the most pretrial detainees in the world. Unfortunately, sitting in a Marion County Jail unnecessarily due to issues posting bail can have a lot of negative impacts. Here are a few of the most common negative impacts of sitting in jail while waiting on a trial. If you need an Indianapolis bail bond company, give us a call at 317-279-6854.


Worse Outcomes

People who struggle to post bail are more likely to end up in jail again for a future crime. Thus, pretrial detention can make it more difficult for detainees to get jobs later on, and crime rates may rise. Additionally, a person who sits in a correctional facility longer than necessary may be more likely to plead guilty—even if they’re innocent.


The current pandemic makes spending time in a correctional facility dangerous, putting officers and detainees at risk. Hundreds of individuals in Marion County Jail have already tested positive for COVID-19. Keeping unnecessary detainees in a correctional facility only exacerbates the problem and spreads the virus further. Allowing accused individuals to have access to reasonable bail will protect their health and allow them to help their families during the pandemic, a difficult economic and emotional time for many.

Friend or Loved One in Jail?

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Additionally, pandemic-related court closures have created a back log in Marion County jail. If individuals don’t post bail, they’ll have to spend more time waiting in jail than prior to COVID-19. In turn, their chances of getting the virus go up, endangering their health.


False Confessions

In some cases, an individual will plead guilty because they are tired of being in a correctional facility and waiting for their day in court. If they go this route, they’ll get an inmate number that is tied to them, negatively impacting their life when they get out. In addition to the psychological effects and stigma associated with spending time in prison, it also becomes harder for the individual to find a job and support their family afterward. So it makes sense, if you are eligible for a surety bond, that you contact us immediately!